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dragon [Oct. 26th, 2008|06:38 pm]
i has a dragon!
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Ianto's Bad Day [Oct. 26th, 2008|01:07 am]
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    It started with the coffee, like usual Tosh had three scoops sugar, three creams. Owen: one cream, one sugar. Gwen: two sugars, no cream. Jack: decaf, no sugar, two cream. Not today. Jack didn't want coffee. There was no cataclysmic affect from the 'verse that could keep Jack from coffee. "Trying to lose some weight are we?" Ianto asked Jack in his office, still holding the unwanted cup of Ianto's Awesomeness. Jack just gave him a look. Ianto was never really good at deciphering Jack's looks, but he's improving.
    "Sir, swimsuit season isn't for another few, um, months?" Ianto was being reproachful. Jack still laughed.
   "Who wears swimsuits?" He gave Ianto another once-over. With several appreciative looks. Ianto of course, still wasn't used to being intimate with his boss, blushed. With ears red as cherries, Ianto nodded and backed out of the office. He needed to talk with Owen. Now preferably. Which would be the point of time Tosh had something going into an alarm. Gwen was clamoring over the alarm, he couldn't really make out what she was saying, probably wanting to know what the alarm was about. Ianto was curios too. Owen was at Tosh's station with Gwen. Jack was next to Ianto fondling him. Ianto was more than happy, but almost dropped the cups of coffee he was still holding. Jack had a hold of his cup. Taking it down with him. Ianto followed.
    "What's up?" Owen was asking.
    "The rift, activation was here in the Hub. Which means, I think, there's something in here with us." Tosh was frantic running everything she could think of. Tests that is. Jack was being usual-in-a-crisis-Jack, which means that he's watching the others reactions' to the news. Owen was pointing a gun at the doors leading down to the archives. Nothing would be down there. The cells yeah, but the archives? Gwen was being her usual everybody-should-just-calm-down cop routine. Basically meaning she is the only one who is supposed to be frantic. Tosh was tech-babbling. SO it was Ianto's job to clean up, as always.
    "What does that mean Tosh?" She shook her head.
    "I don't know, I can't find anything besides what was already here. No life signs, no hot or cold spots. Nothing, just nothing." She shook her head again.
    "Gwen, Owen, get above ground and do a search for anyone, i don't trust the CCTV to show us everything." Jack said to the two of them.
    "Right, so we can get eaten?" Owen was being himself again. Even dead he's annoying. Not that Ianto would say anything, he was taught to not disrespect the dead. Even if they could still speak for themselves.
    "Ianto, i think we could do with some lunch, what do you think?" Jack was grinning at him.
    "Of course,Sir, where should i go?" Ianto asked politely knowing what was coming.
    "We, I'll come with you. Toshiko finish the scans." With that Jack was on his way towards the door. Ianto already had their coats and was following him.
    "So, what are you in the mood for today?" he asked the semi-silent smiling Jack. Their car was parked nearby.     "I know this great little pizza place" Ianto offered the still smiling yet scheming Jack.
    "I know this amazing Chinese place." Jack said. "Its even nearby" They got food for everyone and were on their way back to the Hub when Jack said. "You know Ianto, orange really isn't your color."
    28 minutes and cold moo goo gai pan later, everyone was back at the Hub.
    "Toshiko report?" Jack asked. Ianto was straightening his perfectly placed orange tie.
    "It seems like nothing made it through. At all. I traced every power shortage in Cardiff and nothing corresponds to the rift. So nothing." Jack was nodding. Ianto was sitting there, thinking on how quickly he can get the inside of the car cleaned out. Nothing on how embarrassed he would be if it still smelled like him and Jack. Gwen was a little flustered too. Which was interesting. Owen had a satisfied smile on, which was really interesting but not to Ianto.
    "Good enough Gwen, Owen, you find anything?" Gwen blushed. Owen smiled.
    "Not a thing. Sir." Jack nodded, then looked at the time.
    "Alright, since we had so much fun today. Everyone take the rest of today off." Owen sat up at that.
    “Oh? got some big plans then Jack?” He flashed a glance at Ianto. Which made him blush. That was starting to get annoying. Ianto hopped not, he had some serious cleaning he had to do. Tosh smiled.
    “Thank you sir” hopped up and left, just like that. She obviously had somewhere to be. Which was odd, for Tosh at least. Gwen just stared at the wall for a few minutes.
    “Ryhs should get home soon.” She left too. Owen stared after her.
    “Yeah, well. we all have better things to do than nothing for a day.” and left. Then it was just Jack and him.
    “So wanna see me in a swimsuit?” he asked ianto teasingly.
    “Always, Sir. Always.” Ianto smiled.
    “Then let me take you somewhere.”
    “A Gym, Sir? Why in the world are we here?” Ianto was confused of all the places he could be with Jack a gym wasn’t high on the list. But he was willing to try.
    “I don’t think i have any sweats, Sir.” Ianto evaded. Jack wagged his eyebrow.
    “Of course you don’t, good thing you don’t need them.” He wagged his eyebrows again. That really shouldn’t have been the least bit seductive, but it was Jack, his Jack, so it was.
    “Anything you say, Sir.”
    “C’mon Ianto, all you need is a towel and they have those. It’ll be nice, then afterwards we can go to your place, huh?” Jack was very very good at seductive. Even when Ianto was annoyed. Especially when ianto was annoyed for that matter. He followed Jack through the lobby into a hallway, a chlorine smelling hallway. Ianto was cathing on.
    “Should we really be here, Sir?”
    “Of course Ianto, we of all people have to stay in shape.”
    “Sir, i meant what are we doing here in the first place?”
    “We are going to excerise, i believed we covered that Ianto.”
    “But, Sir, we. . I ..  You . .” He sighed, he sighed in suffering through, what he aptly called Jack-syndrome.
Jack just gestured him through several sets of doors. into what appeared to be a locker room. Going to one of the larger more spacious lockers Jack twisted the lock into the right combination. Ianto peered in. There were two sets of sweats there one green and gray and the other blue and white. Jack took the green and gray, leaving Ianto with the blue and white. It fit well. Apperantly Jack has had this planned for awhile. a Very long while. The suit Jack wore was used. Probably by none other than Jack. It fit him well. And Ianto couldn’t help but notice that Jack didn’t wear anything under the pants.
    “Sir? What should i do with my suit?” Ianto asked a little timid. Jack pointed his head towards the locker.
    “The combination is 04-28-77, and you can come here anytime you want.” Ianto nodded putting away his suit and tie. There was a hanger for them.
    “First things first though, have you ever played raquetball?”
    Jack was sweating. Ianto was sweating. Ianto was also losing. Jack had convinced him the game was fun. Ianto was good at Tennis, this was harder. Jack was extremely fit. which wasn’t fair in any way. Of course it wasn’t Ianto’s fault that he was tracking Jack’s motions than the balls. Especially after Jack had taken off his sweater and was just wearing pants. Ianto got a few good shots at Jack and Jack a few furtive glances at Ianto. Jack still won 5-9. Ianto spied a bench and collapsed. He was tired. More so than he should be.
    “Hey, you do that you’ll camp up. Let’s go jog some ok?” With that they were off to a giant room with treadmills of all things. Each with its own little tv and headphones.
    “Is this where you spend all you time, Sir?” Ianto couldn’t help but ask Jack.
    “Because you are always allowed over.” Jack just grinned. He pointed to the closest set of machinery. Which as it turned out was meant for more than one person.
    “We can start off slow. Anything in particular you want to watch?” he showed Ianto the built-in remote. It gets every channel vie satellite, which means we can watch everything thats on. It even has pay-per-view.” Ianto chuckled. Jack knew him too well.
    “Well, Sir” he said fondly. “I know there are those super-hero movies you’ve wanted me to watch, what were they called?” Jack smirked.
    They sang “Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes the Spiderman.” Ianto giggled. It was just like Jack to want to be a spider.
    “Fine sir, spiderman it is. Though i don’t think i can walk or run that long.” They got on the treadmill and started walking slowly, very slowly. Snail’s pace slow. Ianto turned the speed up as the movie started. The double had a larger screen and little stereos, so he turned the volume up as well.
    “Well, then we can do the bikes for the second one and something else for the third? Or we could watch them at home.” Ianto sighed. We would’t be watching them at home. This place was public enough that Jack probably wouldn’t do anything to embarrassing.
    The movie was decent by Ianto’s standard. Show ordinary person, show person going through difficulty, show person falling in love, show hardship and struggle, show making a difference in the world, or at least in the little bit of it. Then show a mistake then a foe then show . . . Jack falling over. Wait, Jack falling! Ianto made a grab for him and they fell off the treadmill. The movie forgotten.
    “Sir, Sir! JACK!” Ianto was panicking. Jack wasn’t responding at all. Jack was limp in Ianto’s arms, limp and unconscious. At least he was breathing, right? Yes he was. That’s good. Was it cold in here? No that was his sweat drying on him, right? He looked around for someone, there were several people around him handing him various pieces of cloth, he realized that his ears were ringing, and he didn’t know why. Ianto reached up to his face and his fingers came away with blood.
    “Jack?” he asked the limp man.
    “I need a phone, please a phone.” He asked the closest men. One had carpet burns on his leg, apparently Ianto wasn’t the only one trying to catch Jack. Several were pushed into his face he grabbed the only green one. He was biased. He dialed Owen, then Tosh. He hesitated before dialing Gwen’s number. The message he told them was the same.
    “We are at 14 Havannah St, Strong Man Gym. Meet At the Hub, Tosh’ll pick us up. Half-an-hour.” Ianto handed the phone back into a waiting hand. Then tried to stand. He was helped along the way. Another man taking Jack from his arms and carrying him bridal style. Something in that a stranger was carrying Jack bridal style was funny to Ianto. He started giggling. And he couldn’t stop. The blond that was half’ dragging him out front started patting him on the back helping him when he started a coughing fit. Tosh was there in moments. In a Torchwood vehicle. The blonde handed Tosh something Gray and green, then Ianto remembered the jacket that Jack hung over the safety rail. At one point of time Ianto might have found it disturbing that there wasn’t actually anyone in the driver’s seat, but it was Tosh so they were going to be ok. Owen was prolly already at the Hub setting things up to help. He climbed in and took Jack from the bald muscle man, and thanked him and the blonde for there help. Tosh handed him a headset.
    “Owen, pulse is normal, we were on the treadmill, he’s a bit clammy, umm no, i don’t think so. Unconscious. Me? Dizzy, i think i’m bleeding. and really cold. what sure. Tosh” he handed Tosh the headset back. She listened to Owen’s instructions for a second and felt Ianto’s forehead, her hand was cold.
    “Yes, him too, yes he is. both decent. yes sure, we’re here.” They were at the Hub. Owen and Gwen waiting with a stretcher. Where did they get a stretcher? Oh, right when Owen died. The first time. Owen Was already dragging Jack onto the stretcher. Gwen was tugging Ianto out of the car. He obliged and slipped down to the ground.
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I'm so bored [Feb. 15th, 2008|07:25 pm]
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I'm so bored, and tired of school. I can't even think of something good to read. Any suggestions? Will happily read just about anything, as long as its semi-decent grammar, and spelling. Also can't be completely stupid, no offense.

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